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30th September Hard-won victories for Cathay's pilots, flight attendants
30th September More Cathay Pacific overseas base closures rumoured
27th September Twin legal blows for Cathay spell joy for workers
27th September Cathay Pacific loses two long-running pay disagreements in one day
27th September Apple Daily Report (Chinese) - {translation}
27th September Oriental Daily Report (Chinese) - {translation}
27th September Sing Pao Daily Report (Chinese) - {translation}
12th August Bumpy Tax landing for Cathay
April 49ers' Struggle with Cathay Down to the Wire
27th February Ex-CAD Head Given Suspended Sentence
18th January Fired pilots confident court will back them
18th January Pilots still confident in Cathay legal fight
18th January Sharp Daily Article - Chinese - translation
18th January Apple Daily Article - Chinese - translation
17th January Foreign Correspondents' Club Presentation
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10th January Flight International Letter



6th April The 49ers Book - Radio Interview (15Mb)
13th March My Life: John Warham



11th March Two Executives of Cathay Pacific are suspected of perjury and are under investigation
11th March Sing Tao Daily Article - Chinese
11th March Cathay Pacific Executives suspected of making false statements, Police investigating
11th March Economic Times Article - Chinese
11th March Police Investigating Two Cathay Executives
11th March Apple Daily Article - Chinese
10th March Perjury probe on Cathay execs over 49ers  trial
February Cathay Pilots Successfully Sue


16th December Cathay fails to block payout to "49ers"
4th December Pilots were only Union Members
December Edition Pilots Victory
28th November Emotional Statements can be Costly
13th November Radio Show Discussion - "Back Chat"
12th November Sacked Pilots Win Battle with Cathay
Court awards HKS3.3m each for defamation
12th November Economic Times
12th November Oriental Daily - {translation}
12th November Cathay defamed 17 pilots - compensate $56 million
12th November AM730
12th November Headline News
12th November Apple Daily - {translation}
12th November Judge slams Cathay, awards sacked pilots millions
12th November Cathay Pacific to pay A$8 million for firing, defaming pilots
12th November Ex-Cathay Pilots Win $7.6 Million for 2001 Firings
12th November Cathay Pacific Defaming 18 pilots, each has to be paid $3.3million
12th November Fired Cathay pilots awarded over HK$3 million
12th November Cathay to pay S$9m in labour case
11th November Radio News and Interview - {requires RealPlayer}
11th November Cathay ordered to pay more than $7M in labor case
11th November Cathay in $7.6m payout to pilots
11th November Sacked Hong Kong pilots win multimillion-dollar legal battle
11th November Cathay Loses Pilot Dispute Case
15th October Ex-Cathay Executive Ties Firing to Union
Sacking of 49 Pilots Linked to "Disruptive Activities"
15th October Pilots Sacked by Cathay Pacific
Mr Philip Chen Admitted that it has relation with Industrial Activities (Chinese)
15th October Senior Management of Cathay Pacific Admitted that the sacking of Pilots are in Relation with Industrial Action
15th October Pilots Sacking Case
Mr Philip Chen gave Statements in Court (Chinese)
15th October Chinese Language Press Translation - 2
15th October Chinese Language Press Translation
13th October Former Cathay Union Leaders meet in Separate Cases at High Court
6th October Sacked Cathay Pacific pilots sue airline over job losses
6th October 18 Sacked Pilots Sue Cathay for Payouts
6th October 18 Ex-airline Pilots at Cathay Pacific Airways claim Compensation from the Company
6th October 18 Former Pilots Accuse the Cathay Pacific for Unreasonable Dismissal
6th October 18 pilots Suing Cathay for dismissal
6th October Cathay Pacific Airways’ Firing Pilots to be Heard
6th October Chinese Language Press Translation
3rd March Cathay can't Skirt Rules to Sack Staff, says Judge
8th February Cathay Loses Thorn from its Side, it Hopes
8th February Apple Daily article on CPU Member Nigel Demery



7th December Donations Rise for Sacked Pilots after Cathay "Hit List" Circulated
12th October The Saga of Cathay's Pilot Hit List
12th October Low Fly-by Pilot Leaked Hit List
8th October Cathay Pilot Blacklist made Public
8th October

Revealed: the Pilots on the Cathay hit list

8th October Hong Kong Airline's Hit List


1st May CPU Member Settles with Cathay Pacific in Labour Tribunal


31st October Five Tormenting Years for Dismissed CPA Pilots
19th October Former Cathay Pilot WIns HK$1m in UK Court
August Aerospace Professional Letter
13th July Quentin Heron Interview
9th July Sacked Cathay pilots set for public hearing

22nd February

Informa UK Commentary

15th February

Sacked Pilots bring Suit against Cathay

15th February

Pilots Sue Cathay for Firing Them

28th January

Sacked Cathay Pilot Wins Right to UK Hearing

27th January Dechert Law Firm Commentary on Crofts


15th September

HKAOA Olive Branch to FAU

10th July

Sacked Pilots Win Back Cathay Jobs After 4-year Break

18th June

Private Eye: Serco and Cathay Pacific Airways

5th June

 A Bitter Falling-out in the Skies

5th June

Cabin Crew Chief's Hitler Jibe Ups Stakes in Feud with Pilots' Union

3rd June

 FAU Responds to HKAOA

29th May

 Breakaway Union Back Diehards

20th May

FT: Pilots' Claims of Unfair Dismissal to be Heard in UK 

9th May

 HKAOA Breaks off Relations with FAU Over CPU