Correspondence with, & News of, the HK Civil Aviation Department




Albert Lam Kwong-yu was the Director-General of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department from 1998 until 2004. This was the time that The 49ers were fired and the union was attempting to raise a voluminous series of flight safety issues with his Department.



27th February Ex-CAD Head Given Suspended Sentence
27th February Former Air Chief Sentenced
2nd February You're Lying, Ex-aviation Chief Told
1st February Ex-aviation Chief Faults Wine Lapse
31st January Lam Accused of Lying to Hide Guilt
27th January Former CAD Chief Denies Insider Dealing

27th January

Director Denies Insider Trading





26th November CAD Warns CPA
  Compendium of CAD Correspondence (450Kb)
25th May Summary to CAD
24th April CAD Fourth Reply re-Legals

1st April

Legal Discussion

19th March CAD Fourth Reply
21st February CAD Third Reply
20th February Query to DGCA
10th January CAD Second Reply



6th December

More Detailed Account from The CPU

16th November

Initial CAD Response

12th November

Second Chaser

2nd October

First Chaser

10th September

Initial Query re-2 Approved Flight Time Limitations Problems